Today—Understanding ‘10’, in Numerical Addition

Today—Understanding ‘10’, in Numerical Addition

Interestingly enough, reading and following “”, should be simple, at least on the surface; that is the motivation of displaying these studies. After all, complicated information on helps no-one;

The number addition, of the numbers, leaves the 11 individual adding numbers and coming up, with numbers greater than 10 and wondering, ‘is there any value’ to anything greater than 10? The answer is yes.

So, the basic understanding to be conveyed is the number ’10’ represents ten times whatever the number 10 is connected: in addition, sum, multiples etc.; understanding the example, i.e. ‘10’ is really 10 times 1, simply by adding a zero.

In the Pythagorean Numerology

    In the Pythagorean Numerology, the effect is the modification of the beginning number in meaning; i.e. ‘10’, is really ten times as powerful; so, an individual, considered a 10 by addition, would in actuality, be a one, yet ten times as powerful; thus “10 x 01 =10”; of course adding 1 + 0 = 1; following the technique of understanding an individual.

Viewing the next question, for anything above ‘10’, leads to the question of following 10 times the power, and what can be read into that number/character setup? The reflection of the individual, by the multiplicity of the number 10, does cause a stronger effect on the person’s character, actions, and abilities.

What good is it?

    What good is it? It is all good by just focusing on that position and then reducing it to the single-digit; thus, as an example ‘11’, where, 1+1= 2: “when evaluating this individual, parse/analyze, this individual would be ten times reflective, as a true 11”; yet, you must always remember, this individual is a ‘2’ and is ten times more apt to be ten times more reflective, on their action, motivational interests, as skills for success.

In closing…

    Please note: using the ‘11’, as an example, is quite correct, even, when not easily noticed, by your surrounding familiars, i.e. friends, associates, business connections; simply, most people not thinking in that direction, may not just see the connection, unless, brought to their attention, whereas your family, who should be around you more should see the connection.

Thank you for your time–MWB2

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