Numerology Compatibility with Life Path Number 1

A-J-S=1= Leader
B-K-T=2= Reflective
C-L-U=3= Sociable, friendly
D-M-V=4= Orderly, able to march in time
E-N-W=5= Change, variety
F-O-X=6= Home, protection of the home environment
G-P-Y=7= Spiritual in viewpoint
H-Q-Z=8= Universal, desiring control of all
I-R=9= Successful at finishing, completion


Possible Love Matching

In the quality of the matching of people via their personal single number, shows how or displays matching or similar associations, which could be friendly enough to balance each other’s wants, needs, empowerment(s), and healing(s). Understand this ‘number matching’ is only the beginning of associations, where other factors are what aids in the expansion of the pairing.

‘1 and 2’

The beauty of this combination will be a leader and the other will be successful at following and/or supporting; this is a very good reflection of the leader, with the installment of empowerment of ‘1 plus 1’, which is reflective, as well as supportive.

A ‘2’ is often submissive to a ‘1’ and may endeavor to change his or her entire life in order to be with the leader ‘1’. But even if the pair has nothing against the power behind the throne, the number 2, he or she may feel hurt by total attention for his career empowerment of 1. It may also be quite hard for the ‘pair’, to understand why the ‘1’, the leader, must include an entire community in his or her relationship. 2’s thrive on one on one interaction (known as being reflective) and love of the limelight, just happens for ‘1s’. The ‘pair’, maybe a nest for the 1 only to find out that he or she is never home to enjoy it.

2 = 2

The two understand each other. If there is any problem at all with that relationship it is that they may get too close and exclude the outside world altogether. But in general, this ‘Duel’, are perfectly woven with the other: these two lovers feel like “two peas in a pod.”  They are such soulmates that they may even look alike in many ways when viewed from the outside of that relationship!

The only danger of this combination is codependency.

The ‘Pair’ will not leave each other, no matter how bad the other behaves. The result can be an abusive relationship, yet functional within that reflection (dream/Maya).

This couple may enjoy one another so much that they will be dedicated, and then be suffocating. Although infidelity is rare in these relationships, alcoholism and other problems are not. Pairing ‘Two and Two’ together can both feel wonderful together and somehow be in a situation that will never have any resolution taken.

2 and 3:

If a 2 person is devoted enough to the 3, then this relationship can work. Since the ratio of 1, 2 must be contained in the background or just the power behind the throne. However for this to work it must be understood completely that the 2 is working in the service of the 3 and otherwise does not have a life. Since most of the 2’s love is the kind of dedication that can work quite well. The main problem with this relationship is likely to be infidelity.

A ‘3-person’, is struggling to settle down with one person and most of them can be stifled by every 2 that passes near them. It is possible as well that the 2 may be slightly more in love with the 3 than vice versa. In addition, feel second in the leadership/love/directions of feeling good and may be constantly on the ‘popularity list and the social invitations will come so easily and naturally, that a number three may seem threatened.

***>>>2 and 4:

A 4 usually leads a fairly challenging life and benefits greatly from the care of a loving 2. The 2 loves to have a mission if it is about people and a good helper for the 4. This is good for the 4 who do not have to worry about being abandoned by the 2. The advantage to ‘2s’ with a 4 is that they are so unhappy in a way, or that this unity never concerns their moments together as the worst nightmare ‘Worry’, with – infidelity. The 4 will always be too busy, too challenged or too needy to be unfaithful and others will not usually see the 4 partners as suitable.

2 and 5

The choice of being with a 5 person is not as romantic as the best combination of the ‘2s’ dream: usually, make a nest and settle down. 5s are more about traveling and adventure. 5s will want too many destinations, while 2s may feel attracted to 5’s because they are so romantic and dashing, yet the problem is that the 5 is more destined to have a series of relationships rather than just 1 during the entire course of a life. Although this pair of numbers are in agreement, the two often feel alone, because the 5 can never be home. Furthermore, a 5 may never be able to supply the 2 with the emotional reassurance that the relationship that could last forever.

2 with a 6

This is an interesting combination of a pair of numbers that are very “family oriented”.  This combination is definitely a pairing that can result in children and have a happy marriage with a long line of descendants. The problem with this combination is usually a family member serves in some way as a detraction from this relationship of a 6^2. Usually, this problem manifests as a needy ex-spouse that drains financial resources, an overbearing parent or a situation where the 2 and 6 are destined to live with the extended family. These extensions of an extra inner family nucleus can make the number 2 the happier one in this union simply because everyone will be focused on them.

2 and 7:

Although it does not seem like this relationship can work, it does sometimes. The “7” brings the ‘introvert’ into this relationship in the form of a medical person and often as the nurse in the 2s relationship needs. The 2 may draw-out the ‘often shy 7’, out of his or her shell of a life-long noble mission. Or the pair may decide it’s worth ‘the intimacy and emotional satisfaction’ to support a genius. For the most part, 2’s and 7’s really don’t get along that well as the 2 usually becomes impatient with the brilliant 7’s emotional lag. The ‘7’ can also feel that the ‘2’s’ dependence and the created ‘lag feeling’ is too much or not in favor enough of the 2’s desire to be interested having children.

2 and 8:

2’s and 8’s make great partners. Both numbers are fully into the concept of pairing for life and building a foundation for a lifetime. The result of this union is usually wealth, health, prosperity and lots of children. The only drawback is that sometimes the 8 is too busy to spend much time with the ‘reflective 2’ that will create the 2s feelings of being lonely. An 8 may feel occasionally smothered by a 2 who is asking them to drop their ambitions for a few hours so the two can spend more quality time together; that is part of the choices, which can occur.

                             2 and 9

A 9 is a difficult relationship for ‘a 2 and a 9’; mainly they are so egocentric that there is little room for both numbers’ needs and concerns. Although a 9 is a spiritual number it can also signify a person who is moody, troubled and faced with a difficult path in life that in some ways qualifies them as more of a ‘lone wolf’ number. Most relations of ‘the 2 and the 9, relates to where the ‘2’ is placed in the stage of movement in the life of 9. Usually, the thing that splits them up is some form of jealousy, addiction or codependency.

Bottom Line

Life’s intricate workings are built on understanding, communication, listening and opening up for listening. The complications of daily life incorporated daily needs and actions can talk through. A give and take of both individuals would and should be established, so the workings of the relationship can have its comfortable position of both parties: it is best established in the beginning, yet any need for establishing can occur toward making your day better: ‘one-day-at-a-time’.

Happy Pairing,


Numerology Compatibility with Life Path Number 1

This blog relates to ‘1 being comfortable with another designated number (1-9) choices. Hopefully, you already know your number and this will explain some of the layers, if not, and then follow the other blogs on this link with your number being social-able with other numbers.  Then come back here.


Back? Ok, let’s begin:


Life path numbers ‘1’ involved with a ‘1’: 

 Also “The 11 vs 2”


The nice thing about this combination is that these two numbers: ‘1 vs. 1’,  will be reflective and powerful as that ‘1+1’ is two or double in strength, talented and quite noble individuals who understand each other’s goals and desire to achieve perfection.

On the negative side of the (1 with 1) relationship: both individuals can be in competition with each other: a “one-upmanship (One-upmanship is the art or practice of successively outdoing a competitor. Exactly when the term originated is unknown; several examples are known from the early 1900s – Wikipedia)-competition “, (no pun intended) can definitely be a problem. The sad part of the ‘reflective relationship’ is like a ‘number 2’s’ movement through a number 1’s Life Path; this combination together is often separated by distance or the demands of a career as real friction with the other. For the most part, these two numbers together (1+1) make a nice pair and if they do manage to stick together they are quite capable of building a financially secure future together that is also filled with excitement and worthwhile goals.


A ‘2 person, with a 1 person’


This combination, the ‘2 and 1’, can be an individual’s subject for the number (2) and the other is the dominant partner (1). This combination works well until the individual, 1 or 2, while in the second position (non-dominate), is one step away from that uncomfortable line, and demand is on its own life’s point and/or direction of the ‘1’ and ‘2’. In that case of the 1 paired with the 2, “to rule is true and 2 is the server”: understand this information, if you are in the 2’s position.

Often these reports are very classic, traditional forms, with the ambition to make the world of ‘1 and 2’ a winner at home to find teachable featherings of the nest and also ways to meet the number 1 dream path.


Note this awakening


Mostly these relationships fall apart when the number 1 starts taking the number 2 person for granted, not giving the 2 enough attention or when the 2 gets sick of playing master and servant.


1 Loves 3


This combination as a life path of paired numbers called “1 and 3”: This is a very happy couple who have each other and probably inspired a lot of good times. The 3 (the number of the performer) will be just challenging and exciting enough to keep the number ‘1’ continually interesting. The number 3 is also great for pumping the ego of ‘1’, as they are very talented together when it comes to advertising their love, and fun. They also make a great working relationship with the 3 being the talent or the ‘ideas’ person, and the 1 is the number that makes things happen. Often, this pair (1 loves 3) is very popular and will be the center of a social scene. If a 1 and a 3 break up: it is often due to “creative differences” or too much criticism of each other.


Hmm: a ‘number 1 person’ joined with a ‘number 4 person’


Life path numbers 1 and 4: This is not a game made in heaven; simply the uncertainty of 4’s character will make all 1s very nervous.  Watch any 4’s character as an emotionally tough person and will often make turns in a 90-degree direction of thought and action, which places a number 1 person into the hands of a control freak which competes directly with the ‘Life’s Path of 1’s ambition to also be in control. The result is usually a non-stop disastrous relationship with many ‘hard-won’ moments with ‘the, I did not understand’ karmic lessons.


Possibly, they can do…


Accepting each other, the 1vs 4 is an interesting relationship, for whom they are ‘when placed together’: is never known as a working combination. The ‘1 loves 4’ combination, often falls in a ‘parent-child-conflict/type, addiction and dependence discussion of what love is and/or should be, as they progress through their relationship. It is probably best not to match-make these two numbers at all. Yet in contrast to this uncommon success story, the 1 and 4 are often sexually attracted to an otherwise odd relationship, within their connection and though they may be uneven when put together, maybe great relationship material.



Life-Path numbers 1 and 5


1 and 5’s are extraordinarily compatible as both numbers appreciate the need for freedom: so they travel, make contacts, social climb and fulfill their ambitions in general. These two figures support each other’s drive for independence and actually enjoy “missing other” when each’s career excursion is going in different directions.  This is the best combination of numbers in terms of overall compatibility and it is also good for long distance or online relationships! However, there are two things that can sabotage this relationship.

  • The first is insecurity that might cause one number to impose their will on another.
  • Distance or planning leads to a final break of the second threat separation.



Life path numbers 1 and 6


This is a relationship disaster waiting to happen. 6s are included as a nurse and nursing a staff who loves freedom Life-Path of 1’s will. It is the number 6’s fondest wish that 1 should focus on nothing else but the number 6; the 6’s family; setting up a house/home, with number 6; having children with 6, and; spending every single waking moment with the 6. Needless to say, 6 would be in the number 1’s position completely and will suppress the number 1’s existence: that is how it will conclude.



This relationship only works if the number 6 person somehow drops his or her tendency toward being jealous and/or possessive. In that case, “the dropping/or losing the tendencies of jealousy and possessiveness ” with the natural actions of number 1, then will this pair fully enjoy the same kind of dominant/submissive relationship he or she does so well with a 2.


Life path numbers 1 and 7


Although it does not seem like this relationship can work, yet it will and does. 7 is an ‘introverted-extrovert’, which can often compliment the very existence of the number ‘1s’ life very nicely. These two numbers have the ability to take care of each other ‘Spiritually and Psychologically’ into an understanding of the fluid motion of joy from the inside out a type of passion, which can grow and keep growing. Being moved to bring the 7 closer by use of inspiration and motivation, their ideas and written thoughts, keep multiplying times their very being.

Another reason this relationship can work is that the 7 is lost or better said is existing in their own ‘Spiritual’ world while the 1 is preoccupied with the outer world. Somehow, these two meet between these two worlds, like two separate soap bubbles floating in the air, being separate, yet united. The only way that this relationship can go sour is by one or the other taking the other’s temporary lack of focus on the others personally: hmm.


Life-Path numbers 1 being with an 8

1 and 8 are not well suited for romance.  ‘One and Eight’, can be a good game in the economy. Usually, a 1 can procure needed funding to realize a project for the number 8 person.

Remember always: this romantic relationship is a bust. Both 1’s and 8’s are so assertive and demanding that the relationship degrades into one big ego struggle. Furthermore, the relations between these two individual lives are unrealistic in any comfortable way. Either expectations of each other are too high or there are delusions about who the other person really is representing, as a lover. When this couple decides to split, the consequences are often devastating and usually include obsession, vengeful activities, and other types of destructive behavior.



Life path numbers 1 and 9


Yea: A number 9 person is not a bad choice for a number 1 person. First, the number 9 person is altruism and brings to the relationship that special something that you may be seeing, when you are the star of the show.  If the 9 can maintain this submissive position and let the number 1 person hog the spotlight then the relationship will go smoothly. Even if a person is generally an admired humanitarian, which in many situations 9s display that type of a compassionate quality. A   number 9 person may at times, feel that they are secretly envious. Usually, these two numbers have a ‘Life-Path’ number split; which either the number 1 will be insensitive to the delicate non-showing feelings of the number 9 or the number 9 person has decided to go out and pursue a spiritual quest or mission on their own.


In closing


The understandings, hopes, and desires of each individual are what control the many facets of you, the individual. Understanding the other individual of your interest will only be related to more of the understanding of yourself; which means that making someone into someone that does not interest your choice of people: shortens the joys which you could be having with someone, who has your best or betters said your complimented interest.

The liked about the compatibility between the numbers numerology life path, if not I suggest you calculate your life path number and your choice of a partner and see what your enhanced view has in your mind from the chart above.


Thank you for your time,



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