1. The Age of Empowerment

               The Age of Empowerment

       The age of empowerment has come in its own time; its own circle; its own reality. In 2012, that path was the end of seeing the way of those with other beginnings…yet, those beginnings are the same while resting on the same circle. We know there is an infinite number of dots on a flat circle; and as the preverbal question is ‘how many dots are on the circle’, becomes a valid question…yet the infinite amount is listed as the correct answer accepted, yet the other answer will be “the dots touching one next to the other; side by side; allow that connection to be called a circle”. Non-brilliant; too simple; too connecting; too many questions considered not answered, in the walking in the age of empowerment: the beginning of “One”.


       One is the beginning of our infinite no matter how little or largely important an individual may be placed. Character aside; the perspective of relationship toward the “ALL”, which is noticed, whether inside or outside of that individual: ‘you are a part of the connecting circle which is larger than you’, therefore you will always be important!

           The Awakening of the Individual has Happened

       The awakening of the individual has happened with and without request. It is the touch of that awareness that is you; you may, at times, find fog on whom or what your position or duty of your value, yet understand you will always be needed to complete the ‘Circle’.

       Our connections begin in communications, which is our first steps; Remember, we are still needed for that completion of the circle; you may feel that it is easy and effortlessly placed in a position, like a compass, the word placed on your arrival and given after your beginning is the magnificence of your position of the ‘circle’s completion’: remember you will always be needed to complete the circle for this moment that you are here; thus your searching may, for your beginning be already settled by placing your foot forward. The ‘Circle’ has found you and the awakening is that you will awaken the total aspect of your connection by continuing your adding of information as to growing and fortifying your part of this connection, so you will always be important.

                                Awakening by Name

       One, let’s connect you to your added awakening by name and number. Name and number is part of the important part of your connection with the circle, whether you keep, change, add, place, establish, and/or be given a name on that primary path: you will still be a part needed in that circle, in that moment of your beginning.

       Yes, there are other questions, which will be brought to mind, being that we have connections to our one side and the other to complete the “Circle”. That, like any other aspect of understanding the simple aspects of life-given, will be added in layers, as your awakening has come into existence.

       Touching on, who and what you bring is the paramount number of your adding to this ‘awakening’. Some may see this as jousting of words, yet patients of your part will be built into that layering. Part of your ‘Awakening’ is the realization that you have you: that will be your one; your circle; your position; you’re ALL of what is…so beginning with that aspect of empowerment is part, what this awakening is growing.

                       Layering Method

       Because of the layering method, which is a part of the ‘oneness’, which is you…is in many cultures called ‘growth; grow; sprout; birth; concept; conception; the beginning and therefore many words known and unknown’, relating to one more, adding, and infinitely worded as adding. Definitions aside, let’s keep it simple.

       The awakening is similar, yet different for all of us, that is more the reason for support each other and our circle connection. Just one aspect of a word or gestor can make a difference in how you perform in your growth aspect; in your position of the circle you represent and that is the reason for staying alive and giving your aspect, support in the circle’s reality: you are important. You may, in all your infinite wisdom of growth, may have issues of seeing the present, future, or understanding your past…your awakening is now.

            If You do not Feel any Different?

       How come you do not feel any different? The ouch effect…is only called upon certain connections in life and that mental aspect, in a number of awakenings, is flowing more than smashing, regardless of how you may like it. Awakenings, may have the ‘ah-ha’ moments and/or reflecting back on your own history go: “so that is what happened”; that is how awakening is different, yet the same for many of us: we carry our own, as we progress and represent the circle we are…always filling even when we believe it to avoiding (the void feelings are usually your perspective of that moment and your choice of words…which in your growth could be liberation like a baby bird’s first flight if that is your position as a bird: that branch is significant, yet the spreading of your wings is taking you higher).

       Tying in your sense of touch; your sense of touch comes from your primary growth and understanding of what you can and can’t touch from the beginning of your circle position to now: you can only feel what you trained yourself to feel. Horrible that life is placed that aspect on you, yet that is what makes you special: your view and approach are what makes your circle dynamic. Of course, we see other circles differently and independently, yet at this time your awakening is this topic and the other aspect will be delivered in its own time.

       So, you are catching up to speed, some of us circles has or is still realizing the enclosure we are bringing to this circle party, yes circle party, in many aspects the awakening is a celebration of life and in thinking about it: few have explained the celebration of the ending or change in an elegant manner as to saying go there and bring something back with you…thus the awakening is here and now for your pleasure and growth of the circle you are…opening up to receive, right now, maybe letting go first, depending on how tightly you are holding on to where you are…like what you may like in clothing, maybe too small for your options.

                The Age of ‘Empowerment’

       The age of ‘Empowerment’ is quite simple: the information is being made available in growing proportions so you can see better; feel better; increased in a better way; tallied up better; a leap forward from the old into the newest of the touch of the better…the limits are only measured by the individual’s desire to be…the surrounding vail is what you make of life, rather than the other way around…even the hidden areas of no information are getting information…that would be their awakening of acknowledging what is there, thus a choice.  The option will be you and yours: that is the empowerment; like the beginnings a baby; a primary inertly reaching for the all that is there…that is the ‘Empowerment’ beginning.

                        Aphorism is Sought

       Aphorism is sought, once words are mutually accepted, when it comes to growth and advancement from the smallest position of your circle; even being complacent with, where you are, the progression of the secondary group, the other than the beginning primary group, will empower you to another level, even if it is curiosity. Going backward and that limitation can and should be used as empowerment, yet be careful of the second group and their tertiary teachings and exposures.



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