Easy and Quick Diagnose of a Name

Easy and Quick Diagnose of a Name

Example names:

A-J-S=1: Jack: “J” = Leader starting in the beginning

“A”= Leader is the second letter

C-L-U=3        “C”= Sociable is the third position

B-K-T=2         “K”= Reflective is the last position

The simple advice: Leader, Leader, Friendly, and Reflective.  That was absolutely easy.

Keep it easy and simple for quick solutions.  Think about people you know: can you see a person named Jack? Our next example:

A-J-S=1: Jane: “J” = Leader starting at the beginning

“A” =Leader is the second letter

E-N-W=5    “N”= Change, variety

“E”= Change, variety

This beautiful and daring breakthrough means in business and love: ‘You Can Have “A” Competitive Edge’.

Before the thoughts of studying someone or something new, this can be your asset in meeting almost anyone, anytime. Understand that person’s outer shield, their basic personality, and their basic interests by the first letter of their name.

The second and third letters support the first letter. What, who, where, oh come again with that statement. Oh yea, a smooth, easy answer which takes the edge off of you. Simple: and you don’t have to point it out to the person, just understand their position.

I am simple and orderly, that is why I want something easy, here from me to you:

A-J-S=1= Leader

B-K-T=2= Reflective

C-L-U=3= Sociable, friendly

D-M-V=4= Orderly, able to march in time

E-N-W=5= Change, variety

F-O-X=6= Home, protection of the home environment

G-P-Y=7= Spiritual in viewpoint

H-Q-Z=8= Universal, desiring control of all

I-R=9= Successful at finishing, completion

What: Is that it? No, yet, that is enough to get anyone started, even me the slow one.  It feels good to know where people and families are coming from in conversation. This is the best direction in knowing family, love, business, and thoughts.


MWB2 – May 30, 2011

MWB2 –March 28, 2018, rechecked;






Definition Involving Change

Definition Involving Change

‘Definition’: it is the definition of a word that changes, that causes the individual’s character to change, and do the action, which the earlier thoughts of meaning, the definition of that action, to not be acceptable.

In relating the actions to real life is the position of the posting of ‘People Reading by Number’; simply, everyone can use a little edge in their position of thought, direction, and meaning.

To all who visit, please understand that the humanity of “ALL” individuals will and is being catered. This includes 2-year-olds to infinity in age or time, so watch language delivery; that is fair; many times using fewer adjectives can aid in being closer to all individuals helping you get your best answer.

The POWER of numerology’s ‘Pythagorean Method’, will be displayed, written and expressed in a variety of ways, so the common and uncommon individuals and situations may have a better understanding of our world and universe.

“People Reading by Number”, is the Phoenix of the original site created in 2012.  Financial understandings, while starting in this area of life of website, blogging, healing, leading, giving paths, opportunity, success and more for edification in many areas—was difficult and in some ways, funny with the media aspects point toward the end of times, via the Mayan Calendar. 

Mayan Calendar

[Let us unite the previous paragraphs as a start for the communities of interpretation. Prior to 2012, alarmist, any list, interpreters and more, wondered the outcome or real answer of the foretold information and its conversion with our life’s’ placement with a ‘Grand Theme’ of directions being delivered; are we going to vanish; explode; vastly change; hurt my friends, family, and associates

Yes, interesting feelings occurred; and other than a few who hid in bomb shelters, caves, and readers of their last will and testaments, many went into the ‘False Alarm Mode’]. That is good in many ways; in other ways: maybe a slightness of hand occurred, which will only be seen later or connected to, in retrospect by a few individuals.


          Now interestingly enough, let us look at ‘change’. The very nature of the individual, change may come in a variable, amount of ways and its acceptance, may only be catered by the individuals’ way of seeing things in their life; too general, yet, let us suppose for one instant, that we at that moment would not accept anything put in front of us, regardless, if we liked, what was placed in front of us, because that is our way of being.

Many of our answers, our being, our inter-activeness with others, i.e. family, friends, associates, and others:  are usually based on our interpretation of what is displayed in front of us; so, growing in a “bang-bang, shoot-them-up” environment has certain acceptable actions of receiving deviating from the meditative personality.

The connecting aspect of the interpretation will always connect to ‘Dualism’; no matter what your acceptance, and/or interpretation of the situation: you will always have you, and what is next is the connection of what has happened: a ‘Dualistic Situation’;


        Suppose the Mayan Calendar was announcing a new renascence of knowledge or an ability to see more, than before this moment. In the history of languages, certain nuances have been delivered, yet not understood enough to be justifiably accepted, as most would enjoy receiving information. Yet, it is there.

The power of knowledge and information, in our day and age of growth, may not realize the nuance of the delivered information. What a ‘Power of Delivery’, information and knowledge have for us; you know the settle, rather than the dynamic; the smooth, rather than the rough; so many variations in-between, that could have been delivered.

The Illusionist

Let us reel in the points of understanding via the “Illusionist”. Many of our societies are quite amused, by the various ways, we have missed, what was going on in our life. Our ticking watch may be taken; a ring; a disappearing act; some form of attention may be captivating us for that instance of losing/exchanging our life’s moment: as entertainment, just like in history.

In the future, many ideas and thoughts will become clear, as we reach certain points in our life—yet, how can one know before that ‘ah-ha moment’,…hmm; the balance of growth is based on understanding what is before you, as what is or was behind you: yep, a dualistic position, everyone carries with them—even in interpretation. An example is being born; knowing you were; and your belief: is, that you are so much smarter than that time in life;

Even though in many aspects you would be able to confirm the greatness of your achievements, yet for many of us the greatness in the ability to ‘Absorb Information’, becomes lost on us at that level of life—we are too busy to see what is happening before us; thus the Great Illusionist.

The liking and non-liking of items quickly; the learning of words; the learning of desiring, without knowing what desiring is; wanting what is in front of you without caring about other individuals in the area: their thoughts; their actions and most of all their interpretation of your interest: at that point in your life—no one asks who cares during that discovering moment; that is when you are the known individual.

Mapping of your Thought Pattern

You have just been ‘Mapped’, for your thought patterns, of your beginning desires, without making a big deal of your present coolness of how to receive.

Yes, you are special. Yes, you can do at least one thing, which can and will be interpreted as wow, that is you! Now, you have to decide, hobby, and/or skill; want to be, yet not yet interest (that means you have to take steps to get there).

èThe history of all societies, as known: did not have radio, TV, vast amounts of what is considered as normal or average information, when communication is reflected; proportionate and similar to using a carrier pigeon and whispering the information to the next person. For many of a millennium, up to a little over a hundred years ago flying was a dream; yet, many other options were created, to aid with advancing and each person can pick their best, enjoyable, impacting part of our, well your growth: that is where our thinking is getting us—right now.

Bottom Line

All topics mentioned will have clarity during our ability to deliver and/or be delivered. A lot of topics will reach your conclusive growth into awakening your ‘Stardom’ of life. Bye for now, other working paths will help get you to your successful growth, yet now, we will continue our path on our next growth spurt.

My humblest apologies for the enlightening rant. The bottom line: People who are placed to point out situations, already known problems and distracting your focus, maybe a part of the Illusionist’s plan of misleading your view and thoughts, so your pockets and personal items can be stolen: please be carefully watching and listening to people, who you may assume are OK as a person.













Welcome to ‘People Reading by Number 2’

                                     True Beginnings


The original “people reading by number” was created in 2012. Being on a roll of success with the site, a large number of visitors from ages 2 years old and older were the visitors. Unlike many of the sharp successful website operators, I was not one of that collective, so I could not aid the public with information, which was informative and useful.

To bring new and original individuals up to speed, people reading by numbers is created for delivering information, which may be of interest to the individuals, who, maybe part of the masses seeking success on small and large communications.

                                       NUMBERS FOR ALL


The topics showing some interests will be built around numbers from 1 to 9; their representations, meanings, woven relationships, talents of the users’ and of course success with other individuals.

Other additives to the site will be based on the science of view of you and others, relating to numbers with emotions’ character.

The next part numbers with a short definition that can be used for success. Thank you for your time and attention: may you receive many rewards.




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